Postmedia Rejected Your Ad


Right-wing media company Postmedia just rejected our powerful ad campaign exposing RBC as the biggest funder of fossil fuels in Canada.

We had big plans to launch an ad campaign targeting RBC, hitting them where it hurts – on the Financial Post, where we knew RBC’s top executives were sure to see it.

But the Financial Post is owned by Postmedia — who have extremely close ties with the fossil fuel industry. They know that your message could ruffle the feathers of RBC executives and tick off their friends in Big Oil. It’s no wonder they want to quash our campaign calling on Canada’s biggest bank to drop dirty fossils. [1,2]

They can try, but Postmedia can’t stop us from exposing RBC’s dirty fossil fuel secrets. We’ve got a plan to reveal RBC’s complicity in climate destruction to hundreds of thousands more people across the country. I’ve spoken to CBC’s ad team — and they have space for us to splash your message calling out RBC’s greenwashing all over the CBC’s online finance section.

CBC is the most read news outlet in Canada. Your ad could be seen by hundreds of thousands more people — including RBC customers, shareholders, employees, in every corner of the country — even RBC’s CEO, Dave McKay. But in order to lock the ad space, we need to raise $8000 by the start of next week to pull it off.

As Canada’s public broadcaster, thousands of people read a CBC article everyday. These people could be RBC customers, shareholders, and business partners.

A public callout on the CBC seen by thousands of their current and potential client base could make RBC rethink their billions of financing to destructive fossil fuel projects or risk damage to their public image — and their bottom line.

If we raise enough, we can even launch a homepage takeover of the CBC, hyper-targeted to Toronto, where RBC CEO Dave McKay lives, so that no matter what CBC article he reads that day, he’ll see our ad.

But ad space is limited and I need to get back to CBC first thing next week in order to lock it in. Daemon, will you chip in what you can now? Every bit helps.

Thanks for all that you do,
Cherry and Maggie for Leadnow


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