Daemon and RBC

Dear Daemon,

BREAKING: a hard-hitting report and website launched today confirms that RBC is still Canada’s worst fossil bank. [1]

They’ve spent a staggering $208 billion propping up the climate-destroying fossil fuel industry in the past five years – despite making lofty commitments to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time. [2]

They’re greenwashing. RBC’s current climate plan means they’ll continue bankrolling fossil fuel projects for another thirty years. [3] That timeline is too late – the climate crisis is happening right now. [4]

The RBC AGM – a meeting where RBC’s shareholders and top brass gather to make key decisions about the next year – is happening in a few weeks. [5] You can be sure that top RBC executives will be wary about any negative attention in the run-up.

That’s where we come in. If thousands of us pile in to demand RBC stop funding climate destruction and the violation of Indigenous rights, our pressure could help force RBC to strengthen their climate plan in time for their big annual meeting.

Daemon, 11,855 people have already signed the petition calling on RBC to stop funding the climate crisis.

Banks like RBC play a big role in extending a lifeline to climate-killing fossil fuel projects and fuelling the climate crisis. So if banks cut off their financial support – it’d be harder for these projects to exist. [6]

We know that pressuring banks works. Similar people-powered campaigns – like stopping Australia’s big banks from funding the open-pit Adani coal mine, or getting HSBC UK to phase out funding for coal – have succeeded. [7] It’s all been down to thousands of people, working together to convince banks that we need to stop funding fossil fuels right now.

The movement calling on RBC to stop funding climate destruction is gaining steam.
The Leadnow community is partnering up with allies from all over Canada to pile on the pressure on RBC. But we need your help to make the campaign huge. Will you sign the petition – and demand RBC stop backing fossil fuels?
Sign the petition

In solidarity,

Maggie and Cherry, for Leadnow

PS: You can check out the RBC Revealed website – which exposes the gap between RBC’s climate promises and their actual actions – here: https://rbcrevealed.com

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