Loblaws’ Greed

@DaemonUnknown, it’s a heartbreaking headline all over the news: food bank usage is at an all-time high. [1] Food costs are the most they’ve been in 41 years, and it’s hitting us all hard. [2]

Meanwhile, corporate grocery giant Loblaws is reporting record-breaking profits. Their first-quarter profits were up nearly 40% from last year. [3] They claim they “have had no choice” but to raise prices in their stores like Superstore and Extra Foods. [4] But the truth is, they’re choosing to hike prices on their customers to drive their bottom line.

The good news? The tide is turning. Loblaws’ shady price hikes and PR stunts are making headlines. Even international papers have caught wind. [4-6] And now, the federal competition watchdog has just launched an investigation into grocery store pricing. [7]

Loblaws executives will be nervous that with the spotlight on them right now, their reputation — and profits — are at risk. Their biggest fear is that their customers will turn against them, harming their bottom line.

So we’re going to go big and flashy to hit them where it hurts most. We’ve got a plan to park big mobile billboards outside key Loblaws locations across the country, with a hard-hitting video that exposes their price gouging to the people they care about the most — their customers. It’ll be unmissable.

But it won’t come cheap. If we raise $10,638, we can get big ad vans at two of Loblaw’s biggest locations. For every additional $5319, we can fund a billboard at an additional store. If we get to $25,000, we can do a massive projection on their biggest store. Will you chip in to help us call out Loblaws for their corporate greed?

The pandemic saw big corporations line their pockets through tax cuts and government subsidies. [8] In 2022 alone, major Canadian grocery chains have made $2.3 billion in profits already. [9] While the ultra-wealthy are getting wealthier, things are getting more expensive and harder for the rest of us. [10]

Corporate greed is driving this crisis. And so far, our leaders have failed to stop it. So it’s up to everyday people like you and me to come together to challenge Loblaws’ exploitative pricing tactics. Exposing their price-gouging antics to their customers, who they rely on for business, will help show them that the threat to their reputation is mounting.

Leadnow has a long history of holding corporate giants’ feet to the fire in order to fight for a better future for all. If you can, please chip in to help us hold Loblaws accountable for their corporate greed. Every little bit helps.


Thank you for all you do. We are in this together.
Jesse and Maggie, on behalf of Leadnow

PS. If you’re struggling as it is, please, don’t feel any pressure to donate. The impact you’re having by signing petitions, writing to your MP and lobbying influential figures is immense.

But we’ve heard from many people who take part in Leadnow campaigns not out of concern for themselves but out of concern for others. Compassionate people who’ve told us they’re doing ok but want to help those worst hit by soaring living costs. If that sounds like you, Cameron, any donation you can afford would help.

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