Goodbye 2022



As we enter a new year, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you. Together, this community has achieved so much on our hard-earned shoestring budget, and I am truly proud and grateful.

At the heart of our work at Leadnow is a core conviction in maintaining our independence. We don’t take big cheques (or small ones!) from political parties, big business, or lobbyists.

That allows us to stay independent and call the shots on all our campaigns. And that is only possible because of you. Our operating budget is paid for by thousands of small donations from people like you, all across Canada. It allows us to be brave and bold when holding those in power to account.

Though we ended up $12,517 short of our end-of-year fundraising target, I’m not worried. Yes, it means we’ll have to trim our plans a bit for 2023 — but we will continue our work, ready to push bold, exciting campaigns to build a more sustainable, equitable, and just Canada.

Time and time again, I see the Leadnow community show up for our country and each other when times are hard. It’s a big reason I feel hopeful about 2023.

From staff members like Sim, Tim and Kate, who work tirelessly researching, working with allies, and building and designing tactics to deliver on powerful campaigns; to volunteers like Andrea, Thomas and Barbara who make sure all Leadnow members and supporters get a reply to your questions; to folks like you who see injustice and aren’t content to sit on the sidelines, and instead jump in and take action with us. You all make Leadnow what it is.

So again, thank you — from signing petitions, emailing your MP, tweeting at the corporate elite, volunteering your time or chipping in to finance our campaigns — all our work happens because of you.

Happy new year to you. May 2023 bring us joy, courage — and the change we need. I look forward to rolling up our sleeves and doing our part, together.

With gratitude and determination,

Executive Director, Leadnow

P.S. If you’re able and would like to make a donation to help Leadnow stay strong and run the campaigns that matter in 2023, you can do so here:

Leadnow doesn’t take handouts from corporations or political parties. Everything we achieve together is only possible because of ordinary people like you chipping in what they can. Please will you consider donating a few bucks a week to Leadnow? Click here to set up a secure donation:

Leadnow n’accepte aucune aide financière de la part de corporations ou de partis politiques. Tout ce que nous réalisons ensemble est le fruit du travail de gens normaux, comme vous, qui donnent ce qu’ils peuvent. Pourriez-vous donner quelques dollars par semaine à Leadnow? Cliquez ici pour faire un don sur un site sécurisé : is an independent campaigning community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good. You can follow us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. To contact us, you can reply to this email. This message was sent to, because you previously signed on to a campaign. If you no longer want to be part of our campaigning community, you can unsubscribe at any time – À l’Action est une communauté indépendante qui souhaite réunir les Canadiens afin de demander des comptes au gouvernement, approfondir notre démocratie et passer à l’action pour le bien commun. Suivre sur TwitterFacebookInstagram. Ce courriel a été envoyé au Vous pouvez vous désinscrire à tout moment., PO Box 2091, Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3T2 — 1‑855‑LEADN0W | 1‑855‑532‑3609


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