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Dear Asarial, my name is Kate, and I’m an organizer here at Leadnow. Today, I’m excited to share a very special message with you from my grandmother, Donna Stewart. She has been a volunteer with Leadnow for six years, and has some reflections on her time:

“My name is Donna Stewart, and I’m ninety-three. My late husband and I have five children, thirteen grandchildren, and (so far) nine great grandchildren. That’s a clan of forty! And it’s for them that I worry about the future of this planet that we are neglecting.

I have not felt that either the provincial or federal governments are taking effective action on climate change. They are feeding us half-measures and lackluster solutions — all while actually subsidizing fossil fuel companies.

That’s why some years ago I joined a Leadnow group visiting my MP, Cabinet Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to stop the TECK mine. I was impressed by Leadnow’s initiative and organization, but even more by the intelligent informed questions from the participants (young mothers to older investors). All of us cared so much about the well-being of our planet.

I started donating to Leadnow after that because I see that they work with other groups to stimulate real change. From there I continued to volunteer, phone-banking during the 2019 Federal Election and attending meetings with my elected representatives. You can imagine how delighted I was when my granddaughter Kate joined the staff team in 2021!

It’s rare for an organization to invest in building up their volunteers to take action, and that’s what makes Leadnow so special. But they need our help to campaign on the issues that matter. Will you join me in donating to support Leadnow’s work in 2023?”

For as long as I can remember, my grandma Donna has been putting her politics into action — volunteering, protesting, donating, and having conversations with her friends and family about the issues of the day.

Leadnow is made up of people like my grandmother — who do what they can, in big ways and small ways, to leave something better for the next generation.

I feel so proud to be part of a lineage of people who have been working for decades to build a fairer and more just Canada. And I’m especially proud to know that through my work at Leadnow, I have the opportunity to carry that work forward — by fighting for real action on the climate crisis, demanding accountability from corrupt corporations, and campaigning to protect basic public services like healthcare and education.

It’s Leadnow members — like my grandma, and you — that have the heart and drive to make these campaigns into reality. It’s you that makes the impact — and it’s all of us, coming together, that will make a more sustainable and equitable world possible.

But Asarial, we can only sustain this work because people like you chip in where you can to make it happen. Can you donate $1, $5 or $20 dollars to help us carry the torch in 2023?


With gratitude,
Kate and Donna, on behalf of the Leadnow team

PS: You might be receiving a few more fundraising emails from Leadnow right now. As we close the books for 2022, we’re doing our final push to make sure we’re equipped to run strategic and impactful campaigns in 2023. We deeply appreciate any contribution you are able to make. Thank you for reading – and for being an integral part of the Leadnow community.

Leadnow doesn’t take handouts from corporations or political parties. Everything we achieve together is only possible because of ordinary people like you chipping in what they can. Please will you consider donating a few bucks a week to Leadnow? Click here to set up a secure donation: http://www.leadnow.ca/donate

Leadnow n’accepte aucune aide financière de la part de corporations ou de partis politiques. Tout ce que nous réalisons ensemble est le fruit du travail de gens normaux, comme vous, qui donnent ce qu’ils peuvent. Pourriez-vous donner quelques dollars par semaine à Leadnow? Cliquez ici pour faire un don sur un site sécurisé : http://www.leadnow.ca/donate

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