2022 in review


Dear Asarial,

Here’s something that makes you special. As a member of Leadnow, you’re one of 600,000 people who do things a bit differently. No big donors, no money from big business or political parties.

All of Leadnow’s work is powered by individual donations from hundreds of people like you. Relying on small donations like this makes us a powerful bunch. It means we can stand up to the rich and powerful without having to worry about where the next cheque is coming from.

We’ll cut to the chase. Leadnow needs more regular donors to make sure we can run – and win – the campaigns that matter most to you next year. That would mean chipping in a couple of dollars a week to keep Leadnow going. It’s easy to procrastinate, forget, or hope someone else comes dashing in with the big cheque. But Leadnow isn’t that kind of movement. It’s built and run on five and ten-dollar monthly donations from people like you. So, Asarial, will you chip in $5, $10, or even $15 a month to keep us strong in the new year?

We know that not everyone can commit to a monthly donation — so if that’s not possible for you right now, will you consider giving a one time gift instead?

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year. And what a whirlwind it’s been. Together, we’ve gone through provincial and municipal elections, we’ve faced climate disasters, a growing affordability crisis, and a crumbling health care system. It can be daunting — but it’s heartening to look back and see that in the face of these crises, we came together to fight back.

From fighting for real climate action and accountability to demanding solutions to tackle rising inequality, to taking on the corporations destroying our environment — we’ve achieved so much together.

None of this would have been possible without you. We hope you feel proud of the changes you helped make happen this year, and inspired to carry on your commitment to this movement in 2023.

The Leadnow community was a hive of activity every day this year. And looking back there were too many inspiring campaigns to name them all, but here are some of my favourites. Grab a warm drink, sit back, and get ready to feel proud and inspired by all you’ve accomplished this year:

You took action for a just and sustainable future. Together, with Indigenous land defenders, climate justice activists and environmental organizations, you shut down the streets outside of RBC’s corporate HQ and showed up outside 34 local branches to call out RBC for being Canada’s biggest bankroller of fossil fuels. And we didn’t only show up in person. Over 1,200 of you emailed RBC CEO Dave McKay and with thousands of tweets, we got #RBCIsKillingMe and #NoMoreDirtyBanks trending on Twitter!

A group of folks holding up signs at the RBC branch in Markham, Ontario.

With a powerful coalition of allies, you fought back against the Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline and went after their insurers. And, the good news? TMX insurers are dropping like flies. You also helped crowdfund a powerful projection against a mountainside in Norway on the day of Norwegian-based Equinor’s AGM — to demand they hit the brakes on the mega Bay Du Nord oil-drilling project.

Projection at Equinor AGM that says: Equinor- thousands of canadians say no to Bay Du Nord.

Leadnow volunteers in cities from coast to coast hit the streets to distribute our newspaper, “The People’s Just Transition”. These newspapers mimicked any other daily newspaper, but with a twist: they reported on the climate crisis seriously filling the gap left by our media to share the unvarnished truth about the climate crisis; calling out the politicians and fossil fuel companies who are holding back action to address it.

Now, with our amazing volunteers, we’re holding meetings with MPs in key target ridings across the country to call for a strong cap on polluting emissions from the oil and gas industry.

You fought for a fairer economy. Skyrocketing bills, rising grocery costs and outrageous rent increases are all adding up to an impossible situation for thousands of people across the country. But while we struggle, grocery stores and fossil fuel corporations are raking in billions in record-breaking profits. The mega-rich are getting richer while life gets costlier for the rest of us.

Over 50,000 of you signed the petition for a wealth tax — calling on Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland to tax the rich. Together, we crowdfunded a mobile billboard to take the message right to her riding. Asarial, it was seen by tens of thousands of people in her riding. We even drove it right past her office to make your message impossible to ignore.

Image of mobile billboard of Minister Freeland with the words: TAX THE RICH. Over 50,000 leadnow members are calling on your to tax the rich.

Earlier this year, the so-called ‘freedom convoy’ took to the streets of Ottawa under the pretense of protesting vaccine mandates. But in reality, it was led by members of Canada’s far-right — attempting to suck in workers who are feeling shut out of a system that has been rigged in favour of the wealthy for decades and using protest as a cover for harassment, intimidation, and racist abuse. Many of us were trying to make sense of what was happening. So when we invited you to the Power in Relationships training webinar, over 1000 of you attended to discuss tools and techniques needed to engage and counter disinformation and radicalization in our personal networks.

And when the far-right targeted the Senate to block them from debating basic income — a common-sense solution to make sure everyone can meet their needs — you helped launch a rapid-response ad campaign to push back.

Leadnow is the only national organization that brings people together across issue areas, using both digital and live actions to be stronger than the sum of our parts. And it’s the people power that was the foundation of each of these campaigns.

Asarial, every single one of these impactful campaigns was funded by Leadnow members like you. So we have a request. Will you help power our campaigns in 2023 for a fairer, more sustainable Canada by chipping in a little each month? As a member-funded organization, every dollar goes a long way.

We know that not everyone can commit to a monthly donation — so if that’s not possible for you right now, will you consider giving a one time gift instead?

Thank you for all that you do, Asarial.

Shanaaz, on behalf of the Leadnow Team

Leadnow doesn’t take handouts from corporations or political parties. Everything we achieve together is only possible because of ordinary people like you chipping in what they can. Please will you consider donating a few bucks a week to Leadnow? Click here to set up a secure donation: http://www.leadnow.ca/donate

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