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Already, over 4,600 Leadnow members have responded to our cost of living survey. It’s too early to calculate the full results, but what we’ve seen so far is telling – the increasing cost of living is deeply impacting Leadnow members and their communities.

Leadnow is a people-powered organization, which means we derive our strength from the collective action of members like you. It also means that we take our direction from our members – which is why this survey is so important. By filling out the survey, you’re helping us understand how the current economic situation is impacting you, and also helping us decide how best we can help.

You’ll help us decide which campaigns to run, which services to connect people to, and which regions of the country to focus on in our upcoming work.

Have your say by filling out this brief survey.

Here’s the first question to get you started:

How worried are you about the increasing cost of living?

In solidarity,
Tim and Maggie, on behalf of Leadnow

This email is a follow-up; more information can be found in our original email below

Asarial, For too many people across Canada, the cost of living continues to climb faster than wages can keep up. [1] Sky-high bills, rising grocery costs, increasing rents, and exorbitant gas costs are all adding up to an impossible situation for many of us.

Meanwhile, grocery stores and gas companies are raking in billions of dollars in record profits. The ultra-wealthy are getting wealthier, while things are getting harder for the rest of us. [2,3]

It’s unfair and it’s unsustainable. And we know that chances are, it’s affecting many of the Leadnow community—that’s people like you—deeply right now.

That’s why we’ve put together a brief survey on the cost of living crisis—so we can hear directly from you on how the increasing price of everyday essentials is affecting your life, and your ideas about what Leadnow could do to help fix it.

Leadnow’s proudly member-led. That means our direction is set by members like you. By filling out this survey, you’ll not only helping us to better understand how you’re being impacted: you’ll also help our staff team make decisions about what campaigns we can take on to help make life better for people in Canada.

Will you help us increase our effectiveness by filling out this brief survey?

Here’s the first question to get you started:

How worried are you about the increasing cost of living?

The fact is, having a roof over your head, putting food on the table for yourself and your family, and being able to afford to get yourself from home to work or school should not be luxuries.

But for millions of us, these essentials are becoming increasingly hard to afford as the cost of living skyrockets. It shouldn’t be this way. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Leadnow was started to unite and empower people to build a better, more progressive, and more sustainable world. That means taking on not only the wealthy and powerful, but also the system that keeps them on top—an unjust system that delays climate action, commits colonial violence against Indigenous people, and allows corporations and billionaires to exploit workers while price-gouging you and your family.

It’s a system of entrenched power—but despite that power, we know that it cannot endure. When we rise in unity to demand change, there’s no issue too big, no corporation or politician too powerful to stop us.

And mobilizing in unity starts with understanding how the Leadnow community is experiencing the cost of living crisis: how it’s affecting each of us, and what we think we should do about it together as part of Leadnow.

By filling out the survey, you’re helping us fill out this picture—and shaping what Leadnow does next on it. Will you spend a few minutes to have your say, and share how the cost of living crisis is affecting you?

Here’s the first question to get you started:

How worried are you about the increasing cost of living?

The climate crisis, corporate profiteering, increased cost of living, online disinformation—they’re all connected. The only way to tackle it is to work together for a better future for alland it starts by understanding the present and supporting our community together.

In solidarity,
Tim and Maggie, on behalf of Leadnow


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