Dismantling White Supremacy Through Self-Healing & Self-Love


The goal and purpose of this project is to end White Supremacy as it currently exists globally. This will be achieved by approaching the concept from the viewpoint that White Supremacy & by extension Colonialism is a trauma inflicted on us. In order to heal from the trauma, we must engage in self-healing activities. The method I’ve chosen is a community-based, therapeutic approach that seemingly is rooted in First Nations culture with methods similar to that of story-telling, working through the five stages of grief. Though the tools may seem similar, it is important to stress here that colonial problems will not have colonial solutions, this must happen from a decolonized perspective and approach.


This document applies to everyone. It can work on very small scales such as an individual, or a family unit, in addition to larger scales such as municipalities, organizations, and nations.


The System of White Supremacy

White Supremacy is the system put in place to maintain Power/Dominion/Control. It is supported through the downstream systems of Patriarchy, Racism, Capitalism, and Ableism. Over 500 years ago a group of white supremacists came up with this system that we live within now. It is hierarchal in nature and can be explained in the following colonial terms:

                Lv.0 – The System of White Supremacy: This can be viewed as the Board of Directors (“The Board”) for any company/organization. This is what set the whole agenda, the goals, and the numerous and varied ways that this system would be implemented and maintained.

                Lv.1 – The Goal of White Supremacy: Very simply, this is the whole purpose for the system to exist. It is the organizational mission statement, the values, and the vision (“The Purpose”). This is what The Board care about most

                Lv.2 – The Methods of White Supremacy: The way in which The Board is able to fulfil their Purpose; how they maintain their power/domination/control. These are the Divisions, Departments, or Teams (“Departments”). Much like how an organization/business can have, for example, Sales/Accounting/Human Resources/Customer Service departments. As people are moved through the system they can interact with different departments by virtue of their situation/circumstance and this is what gives rise to Intersectionality.

                Lv.3 – The Problems of White Supremacy: This is the product shelf on offer through the company (“The Products”).


  • White Supremacy: Generally defined by attitudes and notions that those lacking melanin are superior to those who have darker pigmented skin. This notion gives way to what most people generally understand to be racism. White Supremacy is actually the framework through which Power/Control/Domination is maintained.
  • Colonialism:


  • White Supremacy through Colonialism, has fundamentally changed the way people interact with each other globally, over centuries.
  • Lands are either Colonial (E.g. France, UK, Spain), Colonized (E.g. US, Canada, New Zealand), or Colonial Aware (E.g. China, Syria, Somalia)
  • Colonization is a learned Trauma that perpetuates itself through systemic means and through individuals themselves.
  • Similarities exist between individuals learning to overcome their own traumas, and the process I am envisioning that would work to address the systemic issues.
  • White Supremacy should be recognized as a Trauma and treated accordingly.
  • While I am personally moving through my own self-healing journey, I am remembering the skills, tools, and language used to facilitate this healing. I believe that it could transition/translate easily to healing from the single most pervasive & problematic issue humanity faces globally.


  1. Recognize institutionally that Canada is composed of Indigenous First Nations (or First Peoples) and Uninvited Settlers and normalize these terms. Address and acknowledge feelings of White-Guilt, White-Shame, White-Privilege. These are not ‘bad’ simply, they are valid feelings that can make people experiencing them very uncomfortable.
  2. Massive campaign to educate the masses on the history of Indigenous People, the truth of colonization, and the cover-up of genocide by Canada and the Catholic Church. Including terms of reference, definitions, and the framework of White Supremacy
  3. Begin engaging with people (either in group-work or individualized settings) and asking the question, “How has White Supremacy (or ‘Colonialism’) hurt you?” Allow people to share their stories and experiences in their own words. In pre-work done to build this project, 100% of traumas people have described are rooted in white supremacy. (E.g. Homophobia, Gender Pay Gap, Toxic Masculinity, Wealth Gap, Ableism, Colourism, Xenophobia, Greed, Climate Crisis, etc.)